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Creative and Powerful Ways to Use Malachite

Crystal Blessings Dear Ones,

Today is the day of the Malachite!

I am going to share with you how to identify a malachite and then dive into amazing uses of this lovely stone.

When it comes to Malachite, each stone is so unique that they look completely different even when sitting next to one another. See the picture below:

Malachite Stones

Most pieces have dark green stripes intermingled with a lighter shade of green directly under it.

As you can see this green stone is quite a looker :)

Alright, now that you know a little bit more about malachite and how it looks, let's take a deeper dive into how to use the stone.

Below, I am going to share with you not 1 but 5 creative and powerful ways to use Malachite. It's also known as "The Transformation Stone" helping to improve your daily life.

1. Transform Your Life:

Malachite is a stone of transformation that works to clear and cleanse the chakras.

And, when your chakra system is fully aligned and clear, then you function better as an energetic being.

Simply, hold a malachite in your hand, sit for 3-5 minutes and let its transformative energy align and clear your chakra system.

By the way, here's a fantastic chakra alignment bracelet that I absolutely love and that has kept me fully aligned for the past 2 years:

Chakra Centered Lava Wrap

2. Open and Charge Your Heart:

Malachite is a powerful Heart Chakra crystal that helps open the heart up to all kinds of love. It enables the heart to be more compassionate and receptive to all different types of unconditional love.

To use Malachite to open your heart, you will hold the crystal close to your heart and repeat the mantra "My heart is open to all types of love" or wear malachite jewelry while repeating the mantra as mentioned above.

3. Release and Shield From Negativity

Another fantastic use for malachite is to help protects from negativity of all sorts, including self-generated negativity.

Malachite is known for creating an energetic shield around you and your aura which then seals you from any negativity.

I personally wear a malachite bracelet whenever I am around a lot of people that I don't know to ensure that I am well protected.

Here's a really close up of the gorgeous stone:

Malachite Closeup
When it comes to self-generated negativity, malachite acts as a transformer of that type of darker and denser energy into a lighter and more productive energy.

Simply have a malachite near whenever you feel like a cloud is following you and you'll get yourself to brighter and shinier paths in no time.

4. Strengthen Your Intuition:

As you know from the point before this one, malachite is excellent for releasing and transforming negativity.

And without negativity, you feel more empowered which in turn allows you to follow your intuition more and that ultimately enhances your creativity in the areas of career and advancement.

5. Increase Your Manifestation Power

Since malachite is a fabulous heart opener, then unconditional love is a welcome side benefit!

And with love being the highest vibration known on earth, then you start to vibrate at a higher frequency and when you vibrate higher, you attract higher.

Higher states of health, wealth, joy and transformation.

So, guys, when it comes to really up-leveling your life, you might want to invite the help of the beloved malachite as its great for transformation, creation, and manifestation.
I have lots of malachite in different forms, from small little stones that I can carry on me to bracelets I wear when I am on the go to large pieces that I keep by my nightstand to help shield and align me as I slumber.

Do you have a malachite?

If not, then OMG, check out this lovely malachite bracelet to get your fix of this beautiful and transformational stone.

Rainforest Blessing

Crystal Blessings,
Zane Baker
Crystal Enthusiast

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