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4% of Every Purchase Goes to Asteroidea Health Alliance

We Have Partnered with Asteroidea Health Alliance to Help Build Hospitals and Clinics in East and Central Africa. 
At Energetic Healthy Me, We are Committed to Making the World a Better Place. We are the ONLY Natural Home Store that Donates Part of Our Profits to the Asteroidea Health Alliance. 
The Co-Founders of Energetic Healthy Me Had Always Had a Desire to Impact the World in a Big Way. They Realized That Allying With This Organization Gave Them Such An Opportunity - And So In An Effort to Elevate the Health and Wellness of These Communities in Africa - They Did Just That.
Aaron Delezenski, CEO & Co-Founder of Energetic Healthy Me Decided That Giving a Portion of Profits to This Foundation Was the Most Effective Way the Company Could Empower Those in Need. 
Should Your Heart Desire More Information, or If You're Moved to Donate Directly to Asteroidea Health Alliance, You May Do So By Clicking on the Link Below: 

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